road to the rainbow

Emotions are running high.  Laughter and singing are a constant sound.

Imagine being enslaved for 400 years…and finally being set free! 

Then slowly, the smiles turn to murmurs.  A few start to question if this was a good idea.   The honeymoon ends and you realize the destination is nowhere in sight.  Your mind begins to play games with you.  You begin to convince yourself that things were not so bad before and you contemplate returning.

The journey to the Promised Land would be challenging to say the least. 

It would get worse before it would get better. 

Sadly, many people stay in a relationship, job or situation that is going nowhere because it is comfortable or familiar.  

The challenge and effort to make a life change is so intense that if you are not fully committed, you will always go back to where you were before. 

A leader in my organization constantly complained about the negative environment at her previous job. She did not feel as though she could freely share her ideas or make decisions.  Eventually, she shut down and stopped caring. 

Now the environment is one that is uplifting, coupled with accountability. Leaders are expected to make decisions and think for themselves.

Not everyone wants that freedom and trust. She went back to the job that she complained so much about. 

Many of us desire the "promised land," but are not able to stay the course in the rebuilding and refining phase. 

We want the end results without the sweat, tears and time required to get there. 

My challenge to you is make your vision (your promised land) so clear that even though it may be years away, it keeps you focused on the necessary actions that must take place before you arrive.

Vision almost always coincides with a challenging journey to get you ready to thrive in the fulfillment of that vision. 

What can you do today, that will get you one step closer to your promised land?