The path you are on points to your destination. You can reach the right destination only by being on the right path.

If success is your destination, there are 4 things you must do to be certain that you are on the right path.

Let’s look at the 4 Do’s…

1) You must know what you SHOULD do.

This is the baseline, the bare minimum. Being clear about the things you “should do” is important because it is the starting point for any successful endeavor. Anything less than the bare minimum represents failure.

2) You must know what you CAN do.

This is your capacity to perform or produce. Knowing what you “can do” allows you to compare your capability to performance or production standards. In Every Day is Game Day I discussed the concept of Known Potential vs. Unknown Potential. The “can do” is your current Known Potential. Knowing what you are currently capable of allows you to formulate a plan of action to do what you are able to do right now, while working on improvements to increase your capability for the future.

3) You must know what you WANT to do.

This is your vision. Being clear about your vision or what you “want to do” is vital to your continued success. When you can clearly articulate what you see for the future, you can also identify the gaps between where you are now (“can do”) and where you want to be (“want to do”). It is only when you know the desired end result that you can plan to achieve it.

4) You must know what you are WILLING to do.

This is your investment, and this is where many people fall short. They know what they “should do,” they know what they “can do,” and they may even know what they “want to do.” But when it comes to the willingness to take action, many people lose their way.

Taking action without knowledge can lead you down a path to mediocrity. Taking action with knowledge can lead you down a path of excellence and success.

Action Plan:

1) Consider one of your major goals and write it at the top of a page.
2) Create a section for each of the “4 Do’s” and capture what you should, can, want, and are willing to do as it relates to your goal.
3) Using this information, put your plan together and take action.