iStock_000021091238XLargeThe kids are arguing and you can’t seem to get out the door. You are supposed to meet your boss and carpool to a meeting in thirty minutes.  You finally leave, only to get stuck at a railroad crossing that puts you behind another eight minutes. As you are sitting there waiting for the train to pass, you look down at your gas tank and see that it’s on empty! You think you have enough fumes to at least get you to meet your boss and have him drive.

As you reach for your wallet, you quickly start to do the dreaded rapid, pat down, only to realize you forgot your wallet! You begin to sweat as you envision asking your boss for gas money.

Finally, you arrive to meet him and realize he was dropped off and doesn’t have a car!  You are forced to drive.  There is no time for gas before the meeting and you are praying that you don’t run out.  You make it to the hotel, where you valet your car. You let out a sigh of relief, for the moment.

You have your meeting and make your way back to the valet attendant. He holds the car door open for you and wishes you safe travels.  You pull off and look down….you do a double take. Your tank has been filled to FULL!

You are flabbergasted! Someone from the hotel has filled your tank! You call the hotel back and let the General Manager know what happened.  He said, “That’s fantastic! All of our staff is able to give as they see fit.”  You ask a few more questions and continue to shake your head in disbelief.

This is a true story and the hotel was the Ritz Carlton.  The valet attendant had no idea what kind of morning this man had.  He couldn’t have known that he was dreading the humiliation of asking his boss for money.

Who is the hero in this story? And why?

Stay tuned for part 2 to find out.