iStock_000012707354SmallIn the amazing true story told in my previous blog post, I believe the Ritz Carlton and their management are the heroes. They have created a culture to “wow” the guest, no matter your position or title. They have done their due-diligence on the back in, in order to allow their staff to fully engage in creating extraordinary experiences.

Here are four ways, businesses can encourage more experiences like the valet attendant created:

  1. Hire people you trust.
      • This may seem foundational, but in speaking to many managers, I asked them why their staff doesn’t have more freedom to personally provide intentional acts of kindness. They believe their staff will take advantage of the system.
      • When hiring people you trust, you can count on them to make good judgment calls, while still being a good steward of the company’s money.
  2. Hire people who can anticipate the needs of others.
      • We have handicapped our society in many ways by not allowing them to think for themselves.  This causes people dependent on us to tell them what to do, how to do it, and when to do it.  This leaves no room for creativity in responding to those around us.
  3. Hire those who desire to serve others with excellence.
      • The state of the heart, determines the motive behind everything. This is quickly perceived as genuine or fake to the customer.
  4. Equip and empower ALL of your staff to bless others.

I feel that the last bullet point is the one most of us miss.  We tend to save the empowering only to management.  We are too afraid someone might abuse the power. By doing this, we miss many opportunities to create extraordinary experiences.  The valet attendant was not a manager or in a necessarily “high-ranking” position, yet he was fully equipped to serve as he saw fit.

When we start to grasp the power of acts like these, we see that influence goes way beyond a transaction or business deal.  The real emotional influence happens when we empower others, and I believe this will inevitably cultivate loyal business in the future.

What is the best form of marketing? Word of mouth. This gentleman has retold his story countless times and raved about his unexpected experience.  I believe the Ritz Carlton has gained back every penny put into this man’s gas tank.

Are you in a position to empower others?  If so, what can you do different today, to start creating life-changing experiences tomorrow?