Today, friends and family gathered together to celebrate the life of John Bowers. John was on my short list.

John was a hero to me. My dad thought so much of John that he asked him to meet with me to talk about what to expect after graduation. I still remember how impressed I was that John took the time to meet with me. Even during that first meeting, I could see why so many people respected him and his wisdom.

John had a special gift with people. I was blessed with the honor and opportunity to work along beside him and learn directly from him. There were so many times when I witnessed him having very difficult conversations with people, and yet he always found a way to turn it to a positive. He knew how to connect with people and demonstrate that he truly cared about them.

Last night, as I attended his visitation, so many people had come to pay their respects that the funeral director had to re-route people through a maze of twists and turns so that the long line would flow smoothly. Why would so many people show up at a funeral home on a Tuesday night?

They came because John cared enough to invest his wisdom, his people skills, and his heart with others.

John taught me so much. Even now, during coaching sessions, I think about how John would handle certain situations. If I were to have a Hall of Fame of people who have impacted my life in a positive way, John would be one of the first inductees.

We all have a short list of people who have had a major impact on our lives.

Who is on your short list, and why?

Is it possible you could be on someone else’s list?