imageDo you ever feel just totally drained? Have you been bombarded with pressure and stress to the point of just being overwhelmed? I sometimes get that way. Life just has its way of just taking over sometimes. There is so much to do already, and tomorrow there will be more.  Before you know it, we can easily become dis-engaged at home and at work and lose our passion. I think most of us are trying to figure a way to survive all of it. There has got to be a better way.

I was at our company’s annual seminar this week. It was in Orlando Florida and we got to hear from several great speakers and attend helpful workshops.

One of the speakers addressed this very problem. Leaders can easily become drained which can lead to all sorts of problems including living passion-less.

He challenged us to do something about all of this complexity and it was very simple.

He said, “Figure out what fuels you and go do that.”

At work certainly there are activities that drain you but there are also likely some that just re-inject you with enthusiasm and optimism. He instructed us to spend more time doing those things.

Although I have been waiting for it for years I don’t think life is about to slow down. I don’t think we will all wake up one morning and just not be busy. We need to expect it and then come against it by doing what fuels us.

Just this morning I spoke to 250 middle school students about my job on career day. Because I had been out of town this week I had to get up very early this morning to prepare. I spoke to eleven separate classes one after another. It was exhausting.

But I absolutely loved it!

Speaking about our brand and helping young people think about their future fuels me. It injects excitement and energy back into my life and just flat-out gets me fired up. That’s what fuel does. 

You and I need to be fueled. Regularly.

Do you know what fuels you? If not, think about it. Figure it out and then go do more of it because no one leads well with an empty tank.

What fuels you?