Vision In a recent meeting we discussed where leaders should be spending most of their time.

A couple months back, I was asked to list all the things I was responsible for in my current position. The final list was comprised of twenty or more items. I was then challenged to recognize the top three things that I could accomplish in order to move the team and business forward.

At the top of the list was “casting vision.”

Vision is the core, the backbone of who we are as a company.

If leaders lose sight of the vision or stop sharing the vision with others, the company will be running with no clear direction. They will start making decisions that do not line up with the vision.  Vision creates a filter.

My favorite book says it best, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  Vision breeds life and purpose.  The health and vitality of any business and team lies in the leaders ability to pass the vision onto others.

Why do most people join a company, organization, or group?

They embrace the mission or vision.
They desire to be apart of something bigger than themselves.
They feel as though they can make an impact.

Casting vision to your team is a vital component of your role as a leader.  It creates the fuel behind the “why.”  It raises the bar from mediocrity to excellence.  It empowers your team with clear expectations.

If casting vision is done regularly, you will sit back and watch your team “wow” customers and co-workers with no prompting from you.  All because the vision is so engrained in what they do and who they are, that it becomes second nature.

Vision will become their habit and their default.

Casting vision is one of the most powerful tools a leader has…
yet is the most under-utilized.

Does your team know your company’s vision?