Over the past week, I have been receiving some amazing reports from a client who had me come in for a live coaching event with her team.

When we first started planning the event, I asked her what she wanted each person to walk away with after our time together. She said she wanted me to go over the 7 Revelations for Irrefutable Success from my book The Street Sweeper, and that she wanted it to be life-changing.

Sharing from the book was easy… but “life-changing?” How do you plan for that?

The only thing I knew I could do was to share the simple principles and tie them to our Core Four, which includes Life Planning, Business Vision, Business Planning,  and Priority Management. The end result, according to my client, actually has been life-changing.

Although I was very pleased with the results, I immediately knew that it wasn’t all about me. I had only scattered some seeds. She had prepared the soil, and her team tended to the seeds once they were planted. The combination of these conditions produced fruit. We all played a role in what turned out to be a productive time.

So here’s the question… what seed are you scattering?

As Jim Rohn has taught, although the soil must be prepared, it doesn’t care what seed is planted. Whatever is planted will grow.

If you have “weeds” in your life or business, it’s because that is what you have allowed to be planted.

If you have a great harvest of fruit, then you have planted the right seeds.

What’s growing in your backyard?