What Makes a Good Coach?

In a recent conversation with a leader, I was asked, “What does good coaching look like?”

I smiled as I responded, “How would you answer that question?”

She paused for a moment and couldn’t come up with anything.  So I asked her another question, “Have you ever had a great coach in softball?”
She immediately nodded her head yes and responded with, “Coach Taylor”
I asked, “What made him such a great coach?”

She easily rattled off:

  1. He was always encouraging the team and brought a lot of energy to everything he did.
  2. He was never demoralizing, even in the midst of correcting. 
  3. If we couldn’t get a concept down, he wouldn’t make us feel stupid, but would show us again and again until we got it right.
  4. He didn’t have to say he cared about us; his actions spoke that.
  5. Our standards were lifted because he was consistently challenging us to do more than we thought possible.
  6. He believed in us.

All the while she spoke about her softball coach, she was smiling. 

She knew she had answered her own question.

This leader came to realize that whether she was coaching softball or working on the job, if she approached each day and each person as Coach Taylor did, she would see positive results in those around her.

Good coaching pays great dividends….for now and the future.