Clues are important when you are trying to solve something.  Miss a clue and you may not solve your problem–and as busy as we all are, it is so easy to miss clues. That’s why we need to be very aware of clues that can lead to growth. They are all around us; every day and every shift. 

One of the most important questions you need to ask to discover clues that lead to growth is:

What lights you up?

And further more:

What lights up your team member?

When I say “light up” I mean what makes you come alive a little more, what causes you to get excited and get a little extra energy?

When we have a better understanding of answers to these questions we can direct our time towards more of those things. We can steer our team members to more time in those areas. But we have to be aware of the clues.

Here are three clues that something may “light you up”:

  • Your heart rate increases

When we get excited about something our heart beats a little faster, our body produces a little, or a lot, more energy. Be aware of sudden surges of energy and define what caused it.

  • Your positivity increases

When I engage is something that lights me up I become more positive and I have a better outlook. Be aware of increases in your positivity or your team member’s positivity and try to find out what causes it.

  • Your effectiveness increases

There are tasks at work that I just stumble through. And then there are some that come together like magic. Define what those are and look for effectiveness in your team. You might need to move your team members around a bit to see this. Let them try some different tasks and look for where they are more effective. You might just be surprised.

One of the roles of an influencer is that of a scout and time spent scouting for clues that lead to growth is time well spent.

What’s one thing that lights you up?