What I’ve Learned While Waiting

This year has been full of surprises… And it’s only March! It’s also been a year of what I can only describe as “hurry up and wait” moments.

Last July I signed up for my first full marathon and three days later, I found out I was expecting. What a blessing! But at the same time, I found myself in a waiting mode—watching my mile times get slower, cheering my husband on as he got better with every long run, and eventually waiting for him at the marathon finish line.

Next came my company’s move to a larger, brand new location and I eagerly dove into planning the big transition. As a company not even 4 years old, we felt very fortunate to have the opportunity to make the jump—but as things began to fall into place we learned that because of complications we would get our unit much later than originally scheduled. And so began another period of waiting.

Finally, my due date approached. And wouldn’t you know it—it came and it went and once again I faced another period of waiting.

With so many delays and “hurry up and wait” moments in my own life, I’ve learned something worth sharing. I’ve learned the importance of taking on a supporting role to help someone else succeed. With the delay of our move, I not only witnessed the importance of careful planning, but I also learned to understand that things will work out even if they are initially uncomfortable. And now as I wait for my daughter’s arrival, I’m learning even more about trusting in a bigger plan than one I could ever write.

Leadership is not about leading in the limelight; it’s about how you adapt to the roles that are required of you. Maybe that role is cheering someone else on from the sidelines or moving hidden pieces behind the scenes. Leading from the shadows is just as important as leading in the limelight.

Have you experienced a time of waiting recently? How have you been able to lead during those times?