Recently I heard the story of life-changing influence that was provided in a moment through someone sharing wise advice with a peer. This advice became the “tipping point” for an important life-direction decision that needed to be made. And it happened in a very short, unplanned conversation.

Often we think of influence as something that happens over extended periods of time, perhaps through a mentorship or through months or even years under a coach or teacher. Influence certainly happens this way but it also can happen in a moment, in a brief encounter that can have life-changing effect.

In our business there are countless conversations each day with guests and team members. Some of those conversations have the potential to have life-altering impact. Many of our team members are young and in a stage of life where they are faced with making very important decisions. A word of encouragement or wise counsel can be just what they need to take the next step.

The same opportunity is there with our customers. You never know what someone brings through the doors of the restaurant. What might you share with them that could influence their life in a positive way?

Uncommon Influence can happen in a moment, so we always need to be looking for opportunities and to be ready to share an encouraging word. You just never know what might happen because of your influence.

Have a terrific day.