If I asked you to tell me your “net worth,” you might simply add up all of the monetary worth of the assets you own, and then subtract what you owe. You could sum up your worth in a single, tidy number.

But what does that number mean? Does it really define what you are worth?

Some people treat it that way, but I say you are worth so much more.

How do you value the love or the time you share with other people? What about your creativity? Your potential?

Net worth, as described above, does nothing to demonstrate your worth as a person. You have value above measure! There is no single number or formula that can define what you are really worth.

Recently, while sitting on a plane in Nashville, I was having a conversation with an engineer specializing in jet engines. He works for a company that does a lot of contract work for the military. I thanked him for his service, and remarked that what he does plays a very important role in the success of our military.

All of a sudden, a big smile spread across his face. He said, “I never thought about it like that. My name is on a lot of military jet engines. I do contribute to the success of our military.”

Immediately he saw himself in a different light. His job wasn’t just a job anymore. The value he saw in what he does for a living skyrocketed.

The funny thing is that nothing had changed in his circumstances. He woke up with the same job, he had the same amount of knowledge, and he probably had the same financial net worth. The difference was how he perceived his own value.

So what are you worth?

Better yet, how are you using the value of your worth?