My husband and I recently had dinner with a well-to-do realtor.  We were swapping stories about different systems and approaches to business.

My big "take-away" from the conversation was a simple question:

Does this STOP production???

It's posted in multiple places in her office.

In every business, time is money.

If your staff is inefficient or wasting time with various distractions, you are losing money.

Sometimes well meaning tasks actually inhibit progress.

In my business we are constantly talking about productivity.  

Productivity is more than simply making more money.  It's also about:

  • Being a good steward: as a business owner and partner with my company, I am entrusted with taking good care of what I've been given.
  • Having a higher standard: it does not serve my team well if I do not push them to do more than they thought they were capable of- working faster, more efficiently, and more effectively 
  • Being true to your vision: my vision for my company is that people love to come here (served quickly with a smile) and that people love to work here.  The more productive your team is, the happier the guest and the more accomplished the team member feels.

Improving our production is imperative if we are going to achieve really big goals.

What in your organization is stopping or hindering production?