lifebeginsmugMy favorite coffee mug reminds me of this quote every time I drink from it:

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”  
– Neale Donald Walsch

As I was thinking about this it struck me that many of the biggest blessings in my life involve me being out of my comfort zone.

I remember my wedding day and how nervous and uncomfortable I was. But for 23 years my life has been enriched by that decision. 

I was uncomfortable about being a father for the first time back in 1992, but what a blessing that little girl and her sister and brothers are to me.

I was uncomfortable opening my first restaurant at age 23. But what an awesome career developed because of that opportunity.

I was uncomfortable when I agreed to join my friend and run my first marathon. But how my life and health has improved because I did.

This quote has held true for me and the best things in my life have come from getting out of my comfort zone. This causes me to wonder what’s next. It might be a small glimmer of discomfort to face or a “lump in my throat about to throw up” feeling. Either way I just hope I’ll have the wisdom and courage to know when to leave that warm and comfy spot.

How about you, what blessings have you experienced after leaving your comfort zone?