Think BigNext year is right around the corner and I have some questions for you before you start identifying your resolutions.

So how big do you think? Is your mindset consistently comfortable?

Do you ever scare yourself by imagining a huge goal?

For just a minute I invite you to scare yourself. Dream about something you want to pursue. It might be a job, one that might be extremely difficult for you to get. Perhaps it’s a fitness goal that gives you chills to even consider. Or maybe its becoming debt free impossibly quickly. Just dream about YOU pursuing and achieving that goal.

Get scared.

Why would I want you to do this? Because I believe that too often we settle for thinking small and safe. It’s just more comfortable and let’s face it, most of us are comfortable with being comfortable.

What would happen in our lives if we thought a little bigger? What would happen if we got a tad crazy with our goal setting?

Probably a lot more.

You see our thinking determines our action, which will determine our outcome. The size of our outcomes are related to the size of our thinking.

Consider these examples:

Is your goal to just make the team or would you like to be its MVP? To be the MVP you’ll have to train harder and practice longer and work on building leadership so your teammates are with you.

Would you like to finish the race or win your age group? To win your age group you’ll need to run more miles and challenge your body to the extreme.

Do you want to write a book or do you desire to craft a bestseller? If you just want to write a book it doesn’t really have to be that good. But a bestseller, that will need to be a masterpiece. You’ll need to stretch your creativity and probably do a ton of research. It might take years.

Get the job or become the CEO? Getting in the door is what most people pursue. But someone will become the next CEO, and that someone probably set out to do it in his or her mind first.

Here’s what I suggest you do: Set aside some time to plan your goals for next year. Don’t make a list of 20 safe little goals. Instead scare yourself by setting 1 or 2 “big-thinking” goals. Remember, the size of your goal determines what you will need to do to accomplish it, so prepare yourself for the work.

If you want a bigger outcome in 2014, first think bigger, then act accordingly. You might just blow your own mind.

Have a scary week!