In his song “Walking Her Home,” Mark Schultz tells the story of Henry and Liz. In the liner notes of Wow Hits 2008, he says:

“Henry and Liz were my neighbors when I first moved to Nashville. Henry told me that on their first date her father said, ‘Son, take good care of my daughter. Walk her home from the movies and promise me you’ll never leave her side.’ A couple of years ago I visited them in a nursing home. After a hug and saying goodbye, I stood at the front door and watched them walk down the hall, arm in arm. Henry was walking her back to her room. I remembered the promise that he made to her father, to walk her home and never leave her side… He was still doing it.”

This past Saturday, I was a pallbearer for DeLois Childress, a lady who had been ill for several years. I had served on a board with her husband Russell, a man for whom I have the utmost respect. DeLois and Russell had been married for 45 years. However, over the past several years, their marriage had been anything but normal.

Because of her illness, DeLois had been confined to a nursing home. During those years, Russell was there with her almost every day. He only missed a couple of days because he had surgery himself. After his release from the hospital, he was right back there by DeLois’ side, “walking her home” until the day she went to her eternal home.

Annie Dillard once said, “How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Russell devoted his days to caring for the one he loved. How are your spending your time, and what does it say about where your heart really is? To whom – or to what – are you as dedicated as Russell was to DeLois, or Henry was to Liz?

Consider your Life Plan. Are you committed to living out what you have written down? When was the last time you read it? When was the last time it was updated?

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The stories of Henry and Russell are wonderful examples of devotion and commitment. The world is full of great stories. Live your life today so that your story is an example for others to follow, not a warning for others to avoid.