Tremendous Asset or Tremendous DrainSuper-fast skills.  Can see the big picture.  Functions extraordinarily well under pressure.  Makes good decisions even during chaos.  Is a team player.  Has a high sense of urgency.  Comes in early. Stays late.  Is fun to work with.  Makes the team better.

Sounds like the ultimate asset to your team, right?!

Absolutely!!!…if I didn’t have to add, “That being said” on the end of that paragraph.

That being said…

Needs constant affirmation.  Mood is continually changing.  Ultra sensitive.  Doesn’t want to lead because people may not like them.  Has been coached, poured into, and encouraged toward his leadership potential, yet he can’t push past his fear.

Sadly, in this situation and in this particular industry, we don’t have years to continually give our time, energy and affirmation to only one person.  At some point, although they may be a “rockstar” in their respected role, they are sucking too much out of the leaders.  The leaders are sacrificing their time and energy with the other 50 employees for the sake of “the one.”  I am a huge advocate of investing, giving, encouraging and making others better around you.  “That being said,” there comes a time when you have to ask yourself these 3 questions:

1.  Have you exhausted all your resources in trying to help others see their potential as a leader?

  • Books, articles, blogs, CDs, other leaders, and yourself.

2.  Do the same issues keep reoccurring week after week, just wrapped up a little differently?

  • When there seems to be a breakdown in the department, and all signs point to a particular individual, it’s time to re-evaluate their true effectiveness.

3.  As a leader, do you feel exhausted after talking with this person and do you feel like you keep saying the same thing over and over, yet nothing changes?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then it’s time to stop sacrificing the many for “the one.” This does not mean that you write off “the one” as an employee or as a person.  It simply frees up your mind to think beyond this one particular individual and allow you to refocus on the group as a whole.  At some point, when you have given all you can to “the one,” they personally need to do some soul searching to discover what their personal roadblocks may be and how to navigate around them if they want to be an integral leader on your team.