I recently hosted a Mastermind Event in Phoenix for a group of very successful leaders I coach. One of the focal points for the day was attitude. As we discussed various ideas pertaining to attitude, one of the participants, Joe*, said:

“Sometimes you just have to toss the junk from your trunk.”

As humans, we all tend to carry around more junk than we should. Just as clutter can pile up in the trunk of your car if you don’t keep it cleaned out regularly, it can pile up in your life, too.

It’s easy to keep hauling around the junk because we’ve been taught to believe the old adage: out of sight, out of mind. The reality is that it’s still there, and you will still have to deal with it at some point – often when it is least convenient. In the meantime, it is still in the back of your mind, and that can negatively impact your attitude.

This point was driven home further to me later that same day.

After the conclusion of Mastermind, I flew back to Nashville and caught the limo shuttle service to The Parking Spot to retrieve my car. When I arrived, my car was sitting there ready to go. They had even anticipated me placing my luggage in the trunk – the lid was already raised for God and everybody to see the junk!

It wasn’t exactly overflowing, but there was enough clutter in there to cause embarrassment for me. I knew right then I needed to toss the junk from out of my trunk.

What are you hauling around right now that needs to be tossed? How would you feel if the contents of your life were exposed to the world?

Within the next 24 hours, make a list of 3-5 things in your life which need to be eliminated. This could include a task that you’ve been putting off, an emotion that needs to be faced, or a relationship that needs to be repaired. Maybe you literally need to clean out your car – or your office, or your email inbox.

Decide what needs to be done first, and then take action. The impact on your attitude may astound you.

Toss the junk out of your trunk!

*This story was shared with the client’s knowledge and permission.