If I live to be 100… I am exactly halfway there today.

Does that mean that time is running out for me?

Yes it does. In fact, time has been running out for me since October 22, 1961.

You see, the day my heart started beating, it was beating down to the final beat.

Since I don’t know how old I will be when my heart takes that final beat, I don’t know if I am halfway, past halfway, or not quite to the halfway point yet (I could live past the century mark), only God knows… and He had something to say about it…

Psalm 90:12: “Teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

At first glance I might ask: How can I number my days if I don’t know when the last day will be? Then it hits me, that is not what I am instructed to do in that verse. I just need to realize that my days are numbered and because of that realization, gain a heart of wisdom.

The numbers are simple:

24 hours in a day
60 minutes in an hour
60 seconds in a minute…

…and I don’t know how many are left.

As Patrick Lencioni suggested for the title of my first book, Every Day is Game Day, Stop Practicing at Life, the Clock is Already Running!

I must take this to heart, knowing that my days are numbered.

I must know that the clock is running.

I must do everything I can to accomplish everything I believe I am put here on earth to accomplish before the time on the clock runs our for me

Because in the game of Life…Every Day is Game Day!