I recently purchased the latest version of Office for Mac from a great company called Power Max, only to learn that I could not load it on my MacBook Pro because I didn’t have Snow Leopard, the upgraded operating system.

That left me with two choices:

1) Purchase and load the Snow Leopard upgrade, or

2) Continue using the old version, and render my new copy of Office for Mac (which couldn’t be returned because it had been opened) useless.

I opted to purchase and load Snow Leopard. Without the upgrade, I would have missed all of the benefits of the new Office software. Not only that, but my entire system is running more smoothly now that it is up-to-date.

Are you in need of an upgrade? I’m not talking about computer software now, but rather the operating systems in your life and business.

Maybe you need to upgrade your health by losing weight, getting more rest, or focusing on better nutrition. You may need to upgrade your knowledge in some specific area of your career. Or it could be that you need to improve your attitude by looking at your circumstances differently.

By upgrading just one area of your life, other areas could also be positively impacted as well, and the whole system of your life may run much more smoothly.

Here’s how to get started:

1) Make a list of the areas of your life and career that are in need of an upgrade.
2) Determine specifically what needs to be done to complete those upgrades.
3) Schedule time to work on the actions needed.

Just as I was unable to load Office for Mac without an upgrade, you may miss out on opportunities in your life or business if you don’t stay current.

What is the most pressing upgrade needed in your life or career?