Part 1 of a 2-Part Series: Three Things Common People Do

When Kevin and I wrote our first book on Uncommon Influence, we interviewed a lot of uncommon people. We interviewed leaders, business owners and others who had impacted the lives those around them. We wanted to find the secret to uncommon influence. We knew some people had found it. We quickly discovered that people who had uncommon influence on others were first uncommon in their own thought processes and in their own lives. We believed everyone could have uncommon influence on other people, but we knew that to do that, they had to first be uncommon themselves.

So I started to think about what made these people uncommon. What was the difference between them and people who were common? I knew, if we were right, we could clearly define that difference, we could help common people become uncommon so they could have uncommon influence on others.

I struggled with this for a while—then it hit me. Once I realized it, everything made sense. In this short, two-part series, I will share with you what I discovered.

Let’s start with three things common people do.

As you read, assess where you are in each of these areas. Determine if you need to make any changes in your own life so that you can become uncommon and have uncommon influence on other people. Let’s start a movement.

The first of the three things common people do is to accept. Common people accept where they are as where they were meant to be. For whatever reason, they believe what they have, what they can see, and that their current skill set is where it is because that’s just who they are; and who they are is who they will be from now on. They just accept it and go on with life.

Common people settle. Once they accept the faulty belief that hey are who they are and they can only do what they can currently do, they begin to settle in and become comfortable. Nothing stirs within them because they believe there is no reason to try to change, no reason to try to alter their own current reality. So they settle, never to question it again. Still, there can be a desire to change, a desire to make something better. But the comfort of settling begins to outweigh the vision of something better.

Finally, common people stop. They just stop. Once they accept their own current reality, once they become comfortable in the settlement, they stop. Why try? Why dream? Why? Why? Why? They come to the conclusion that they might as well just stop. Stop dreaming and stop trying. So they just stop.

The truth is that you are not common. You are uncommon. There is only one of you in the world. There will never again be anyone exactly like you. No one else has your DNA. No one else can be you. You are here for a greater purpose than to just accept the way things are. You are here to do more than settle. And you should never, ever, stop. There is more you can do. There are bigger dreams for you to dream and accomplish. There are other people who need you to stop accepting, stop settling, and stop stopping. They need you to be uncommon so you can have uncommon influence on them. They need to see that their lives can change by seeing yours change.

You hold in your hand a very special key. It’s the key to not only a better life for yourself, it’s the key to a better life for everyone around you. What are you going to do with it?

If you are willing to stick that key in the lock and turn it, read the next installment in this two-part series: Three Things Uncommon People Do. Trust me, you can do this… you hold the key… you can be uncommon!