Reeling from an attempt at something at work that went horribly wrong I went home grumpy. My wife proceeded to ask my what was wrong and I tell her the whole story in my frustrated tone. Her reply stuck with me and made me think. It went something like this:

“Not everything you try will work out. But at least you are trying things, when you try enough you’re bound to discover some great successes.”

My mood began to change after hearing her say this. Sure, I was disappointed my latest “try” failed. But I was encouraged to try some more, to try something different, to try and try and try.

As leaders we cannot make decisions with every answer or with any guaranty that something will work. But we can’t let uncertainty stop us from trying some things.

Business moves so fast these days and change comes at us like a lightning storm.
Just to keep up we have to try new strategies, new approaches and sometimes try people in new roles.

Without guaranty of success.

And that’s ok.

When something or someone doesn’t work out, TRY again.

What have you tried lately?