The truth can hurt sometimes. In fact, many times it does hurt, but it always has the power to set you free. Your response to the truth determines how it will impact your life.

There are three common responses to truth.

  1. Reject it and ignore it. Although this may be the easiest response at times, it can be devastating. There are times when we try to run from (or ignore) the truth, and our running leads us down a road to destruction.

    Example: Have you ever heard of someone not going for a necessary medical check-up because they are afraid the doctor will find something wrong?

  2. Fight against it. Truth can’t be changed. It is what it is. We lose every time we fight against truth.

    Example: Try to defy the laws of physics. Am I really taller if I tilt the mirror? Changing my perception does not change reality.

  3. Accept it and adjust to it. This is the only productive response to the truth.

    I can continue to run into a brick wall because I don’t want to admit it is there, or I can choose to go around it, over it or plan to remove it. By accepting truth and adjusting to it, my life can be more productive and less painful.

What are you doing with truth?

What adjustments do you need to make in your life?