A man and woman were about to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary. They decided to have a ceremony and renew their vows. To the wife’s surprise, her husband suggested they write their own vows.

The day came and the celebration was glorious! When it came time for their vows, the bride went first. She read the vows she had written and expressed her love for her husband.

Friends and family were not prepared for what the rugged, mostly quiet, groom was about to say. They were moved as he began to speak. His words were poetic as he spoke at length about their 50 years of marriage.

Tears of joy for the couple filled the room as the husband continued to talk of his deep love for his wife. Even some of his golfing and fishing buddies were seen wiping a tear or two away.

After the service, everyone moved to a reception area at the back of the church where the couple planned to greet their guests. The wife was nowhere to be found. The husband found her, sitting in the sanctuary weeping.

“Honey, what’s wrong?” the husband asked with great concern.

“I didn’t know,” replied his bride.

“Didn’t know what?”

“I… I didn’t know you loved me that much.”

The husband, trying to console his wife of 50 years said:

“I told you how much I loved you when I asked you to marry me. I told you again on the day we married and told you I would let you know if it ever changed.”

You may feel a certain way about someone in your life, but don’t make them wait and wonder. Tell them today.

If you are a leader, communicate with the people you lead, make sure they know your vision and how important they are to that vision.

If you haven’t told your family and friends how much you care about them, do it today!

Have you told them lately?

Remember, they can’t hear what you are thinking!