iStock_000005385607SmallEverything at work seemed to be going wrong one day last week.  There were multiple personnel issues, client problems, computer glitches, etc.

On this particular day, when all the “chaos” was happening in my world, another department was at the local children’s hospital delivering a check from multiple local businesses that had come together to do an annual fundraiser.

They of course delivered the check, snapped a few photos and shook some of the executives’ hands.  However, the real magic did not happen in the amount of any money.

My team had taken our company’s mascot to the hospital in hopes to interface with some children.  As the mascot walked through the halls, children started coming out of their rooms.  Giggles and laughter could be heard throughout the hospital.

The most touching story was that of a little seven-year-old girl.  She had not felt like getting out of the bed for ten days from being so ill. Yet, when she saw the mascot, she mustered up the strength to get up and go hug him.  Her face lit up and she was beaming from ear to ear.  The nurses were in the background cheering with tears in their eyes.  They had been anxious for this little girl to start moving around, but nothing they had done had worked.

At the end of my trying day, I heard this story.  It was refreshing.  It was uplifting.  It put things in perspective.  No matter what kind of day I was having, this little seven-year-old girl had already experienced years of “rough days” at such a young age.

Two-fold lesson:

1.     Even when the sky seems to be falling in, most of the time it’s not.

2.     Empower your team to make a difference.

I did not know that my team was actually going to visit the children when they were delivering the check; they did that on their own.

Extraordinary things happen when people feel freedom to make a radical impact.

How can you or your team make a difference in someone’s life today?