Somewhere, entrenched in the deep recesses of your life and business, is a phantom.

Right now, this phantom is hard at work trying to steal and destroy everything good. It wants to rob you of your time, place a dagger in the heart of your vision, and render you ineffective. It is always lurking in the dark, just out of sight but close enough to strike at a moment’s notice. It crouches at the door, waiting for the opportunity to cause chaos and disruption.

The phantom masquerades as fear, doubt, and indecision. It is visible in the shadows of a lack of vision, poor planning and unproductive execution.

There is nothing good about the phantom…but much good can come from recognizing that it exists, exposing it in your own life or business, and attacking it with a vengeance.

The phantom’s success depends on stealth, and so a conscious effort to recognize it reduces the chance of it fulfilling its mission. The discipline of looking for it reduces the places it can hide. And the phantom can be defeated. Attacking it with a vengeance will eventually make you the victor.

So where do you begin to look for the phantom in your live or business?

Do you ever catch yourself making the same mistake, or repeating bad decisions? This may be the work of the phantom. Have you ever skipped a daily, weekly, or monthly discipline? That is certainly one of the schemes of the phantom.

Jim Rohn once said: “That which is easy to do is also easy not to do.” The phantom wants you to look at an undisciplined day and consider it inconsequential. The phantom wants you to put off sharpening your axe because there is too much wood that needs to be cut. The phantom wants you to be satisfied with “good enough” when “great” is right around the corner.

Have you seen this phantom at work in your life or business? Do you want to acknowledge, expose, and defeat it? Have you already defeated the phantom in some area of life or business? If so, please share.

It is my desire that you become a phantom finder and a phantom slayer…

Happy Hunting!