The Happy Meal has made McDonald’s a lot of money. It’s quick, inexpensive and there is a prize that comes with it…and every kid wants a prize.

Sometimes in life we, as adults, go for the “Happy Meal” concept. We want the prize (quick success), with little to no investment. So at times we make bad choices and end up with what turns out to be an “Un-Happy Meal”.

Have you had that experience in any area of your life or business? I certainly have.

You can avoid the “Un-Happy Meal” experience by following these 4 simple steps.

  1. Learn from the past. Journal your answers to the follow questions:
    • What result in your life or business are you un-happy with right now?
    • What caused you to be un-happy?
    • What have you learned from that experience?
    • What will you do to avoid that experience in the future?
  2. Pursue your vision. Sometimes we choose the prize that requires little to no investment because we don’t have a vision of anything better. Take time to write your vision for your life. If you need help, you can download a free Life Plan tool here. Invest the time to know what you want in life before you make the leap for something that won’t make you happy in the long run.
  3. Be Disciplined. I don’t like discipline, but I love what I get from being disciplined. Jim Rohn said “Discipline is the bridge between thought and accomplishment.” Being consistent in the little disciplines can make a huge difference over time.
  4. Keep Score. Have you ever been to a sporting event with no scoreboard? If you are playing to win, you must know the score. Determine what you need to track on your journey to a successful and happy life, and keep score!

Bonus: Ask for accountability. Find someone who cares and share your commitment with them – you won’t be Un-Happy!