catching the baton

Yesterday I was overwhelmed. My to do list has been growing like a weed and I needed to make few important decisions all in the midst of my planning for 2015. An important project I was working on was staring me in the face. I began to have a little anxiety because I knew it needed to get it done but there were other things needing my attention.  So I decided to give it to my assistant. It wasn’t something she had done before and it didn’t fit into her job description. To top it all off she was already really busy.

Do you know how she responded?

She said, “I’ll make it happen.”

Do you know how hearing those words made me feel?





How do you respond when someone asks you to do something outside of your job description or outside of your comfort zone?

Do you say, “I’ll make it happen” or “That’s not really why I was hired.”

As an employer I am telling you that how you respond to these instances significantly impacts how your boss feels about you.

Answer it correctly and then deliver on the commitment and your potential opportunity expands, your job security deepens and your own abilities grow.

Answer it incorrectly; well then I guess the opposite of all of that is true.

Are you a “I’ll make it happen” kind of leader?

Do you have “I’ll make it happen” kind of people on your team?

If not, let me encourage you to make that happen.