In Every Day is Game Day, I wrote about “that day in which all of the past culminates with present action to forever change the future.” In the game we call “life,” that day is every day. In order to have the life we want, we need to be consistently living at our peak. Each day counts.

And if that’s the case, we’re going need a game plan.

Every sports team has a plan for winning their next game. No matter who you are or where you are in your life or your career, you need a plan. What you do with that plan can make all the difference in winning or losing the game of life.

The foundation for the one-on-one coaching that we do at Building Champions is the Core 4, which consists of Life Planning, Business Vision, Business Planning and Priority Management. As you can see, planning is a vital part of the equation.

Over the past nine years of coaching business owners, executives, and other leaders, I have seen many who are excited about the process of putting a vision and a plan together. They work hard to create beautiful plans that they are very passionate about. Still, they need to be reminded to go back and review them. They need accountability to stick with it.

To further complicate things, you probably have more than one thing that you’re keeping an eye on. You may have a plan for your life, one for your personal business, and another for your company. You may have plans for a non-profit organization you’re passionate about, or a book you want to write. In The CHILD Game Plan, Bruce Tollner and I wrote about the power of putting together a game plan for your children. With so many different and important plans and projects, it can be difficult to juggle them all.

That’s where a Playbook comes in handy.

I carry a three-ring binder with [IN]Place Binder Pockets. These pockets hold my Life Plan, Business Vision, Simple Business Plan, and Priority Management System. I also have a place for current project worksheets, notes, and travel itineraries. Additional binder pockets can be easily added.

I call this my Playbook because it helps me to keep everything “in play.”

My Playbook is effective because it is simple. It helps me keep my important documents all together in one easily expandable and portable notebook. With this system, my game plan is always at my fingertips.

Do you believe a Playbook like this could be beneficial to you? If you’ve used something similar, do you have any additional best practices to share?