There is an “if” in the middle of your LIFE.

What if I do this? What if I had done that? What if I don’t do this? What if I had not done that?

What are the “What if?” questions in your life?

Make a list of your top 5 to 10 “What if?” questions before reading further.

STOP! Don’t look ahead until you make your list…

OK, now look at your list.

How many of your “what if?” questions are looking back, questioning past actions? How many are looking toward the future?

Your answer may surprise you. Is there a balance between learning from the past and looking toward the future? Both are important.

If your list only refers to the past, you may be spending too much time in regret. If your list is only future oriented, you may not be learning what you can from the past. There should be a balance between the two.

In my first book, Every Day is Game Day, I went into some depth concerning the past and the future…

Everything you did or didn’t do yesterday affects where you are today. Everything you do or don’t to today will affect where you will be tomorrow. Therefore, you should learn from yesterday, plan for tomorrow, and play like a champions today…Because in the game of life… Every Day is Game Day!

The following may be the three most important “What if?” questions you could ask yourself:

What if you could learn more from yesterday?
What if you could plan better for tomorrow?
What if you played more like a champion today?

What can you learn from asking yourself these three questions?