Recently one of my team members suffered a painful injury. She is special. And she is very important to the team, very important to the business and very important to me. Her injury will keep her away from work and off her feet for a while. It is also causing her to miss a much-needed vacation. 

I ache for her.

The team aches for her.

If you care about your team members at all you know what I’m talking about. It’s that ache you feel when a team member gets bad news, has a financial setback or suffers a painful break-up.

I want to be the kind of leader who deeply cares about my team.

And if we care, we ache with them when they suffer.

And that’s an ache we have to learn to live with. People will go through tough stuff. You will. I will.

But if we build our teams with genuine care, none of us will have to endure pain alone.

We can share the ache and get through it.

And that’s just what we will do with this special team member. We’ll help her get through it and come out stronger together.