Team or Self?

After five grueling hours of discussion focused on a single topic, the end of a team meeting approached. Both sides of the issue had been brought to the table, thoroughly examined, and debated. The stakes were high and a lot of time and money were at risk. Our team was exhausted.

Finally, each of our team members shared their final thoughts. Six out of seven were going to vote “yes” and one was going to vote “no.” 

But then, that one person who had chosen to vote “no” did something that shocked the rest of our team.

He peacefully announced that instead of voting “no” and dividing the team—even if only by a single minority vote—he was going to change his position to ensure the team remained united. 

We were humbled. 

He was more concerned with being a unified team than expressing his own opinion through a differing vote and chose to sacrifice his position in order to maintain the strength of the group.

It’s easy to say that we agree to disagree and leave it at that, especially when the majority happens to be on your side. But when you are the one who doesn’t get your way, are you truly able to set aside your own agenda, opinion, and pride for the good of the group? 

This isn’t an easy thing to do. It takes trust. It takes selflessness. It takes being uncommon. 

All of which are the very core of every great team. 

Would you be able to set aside your pride to ensure the strength of your team? What kind of sacrifices have you made in the past for the good of your team members?