The word “discourage” means “to deprive of courage, hope or confidence; dishearten, dispirit.”

Are you discouraged? If so, what is it that took your courage away?

Here are 4 Courage-Busters:

1) The Past

We all have things in our past that we wish we could “unlive.” The truth is that the term “unlive” is an impossibility. You can’t erase what you have already lived. The past is history. You can, however, do something about it. You can learn from it.

Consider whatever it is in your past that is robbing you of your courage. Reflect on it, learn from it, and then move on. Don’t let mistakes from the past hinder your future.

2) Other People

The people in our lives may provide us with insight and encouragement, but there are also times when we all allow other people to dishearten us. When that happens, you have allowed them to cross a line they should never cross.

Each person’s perspective is based on their individual perception. Although there are times when you may need to hear a different perspective on a matter, other people only have as much power over you (and your heart) as you allow them to have.

Carefully weigh what other people have to say. Then make your own decisions based on your heart, not theirs.

3) Ignorance

Sometimes discouragement grows from our own ignorance. Maybe we don’t fully understand a situation or the course of action which should be taken. This is where other people can help.

Find someone, or a group of people, who really care about you, and who have a better understanding of your specific area of concern. Ask them for help.

4) Your Own Self Talk

Watch your words! Be careful what you think! You could be your own worst enemy. You could be holding yourself back.  If you need help, Shad Helmsetter has a well respected book on this subject titled, What to Say When You Talk to Yourself.

If you are discouraged, determine which of the 4 Courage-Busters is hindering you, and then take action to overcome it.

You will soon find yourself on a more courageous path!