If you follow college football, you probably know that “RG3” stands for Robert Griffin III, the Baylor University quarterback who was just awarded the Heisman Trophy, the most coveted award given to a college football player. RG3 was the first player from Baylor University ever to win the Heisman.

Some people call him Superman. He overcame an injury which required surgery and went on to accomplish great things on the field. Many say he took the Baylor team on his back and carried them this season. When they do, RG3 is quick to point out that their success was a team effort and he was only playing a role.

During the Heisman award show, RG3 was asked about his collection of superhero action figures.

Can you imagine being a finalist for the highest award in your field, and on national TV being asked, of all things, about childhood toys? With sophisticated style, and a boyish grin, RG3 answered their questions. No doubt he has always been inspired by superheroes.

During the show, it was also revealed that he is a sock connoisseur. He was then asked to show his socks to the world. When he proudly pulled his pant leg up, RG3 revealed blue, yellow, and red Superman socks – complete with a cape!

For most star athletes, being caught by the media in a pair of novelty socks might be embarrassing, but RG3 wasn’t fazed. The smile on his face said it all. He was proud to be himself.

The Heisman award show revealed three actions which can turn anyone into a superhero:

1) Be yourself. You aren’t called to be anybody but you. Wear your socks proudly.

2) Be inspired. Whether it’s action heroes or teddy bears, hold on to what inspires you. The things that sparked your imagination as a child can still light a fire for you today.

3) Be active. RG3 didn’t just play with action heroes, he became one. He pursued quarterback while others told him he shouldn’t play that position. He fought through an injury which required surgery. And he won the highest honor in college football when others were saying that it was impossible at Baylor University.

Practice these three “be’s,” and you too can become a superhero.

…now where’s that telephone booth?