Something Your Boss Loves to Hear

I once read an article written by a business owner about one of his most loyal and productive employees. He said that every time he gave this young man a task to accomplish, he replied with “Consider it done, boss!”

This enthusiasm was even more appreciated because it went beyond words; the employee always followed through and completed the task.

Years ago, I shared this story at one of my leadership meetings. A woman who still works for me to this day must have taken it to heart because soon afterward when delegated a task she would reply with, “Consider it done.” Since then, she has risen to the top of my organization.

Every boss likes to hear “consider it done.” It conveys willingness and the kind of employee who displays a willing attitude is the kind who will climb within an organization. But I realized this week while talking with a peer that there is another level to this principle.

It’s when an employee or leader says, “I’ve already done that, boss.”

When I can delegate tasks with confidence, that’s great! But when a leader in my organization thinks and plans ahead, that makes me want to do a backflip of joy! “I’ve already done that, boss” is music to my ears.

Think about it: would you rather be surrounded by people waiting for you to give them instructions, or would you rather have people anticipating the needs of your business and take initiative? I know which I prefer!

How can you better anticipate what your business—and maybe even your boss—needs? How can you pass that skill along to your own followers or employees?

If you practice this principle, my guess is you’ll rise to the top—and maybe even cause a backflip along the way.