Everybody is up in arms these days about Healthcare. No matter which side of the aisle you are on, there are strong feelings about this issue. I personally have my views about what is going on in our nation’s capitol, however, all of this talk about Healthcare made me think about my own personal health care.

Am I taking care of my own health to the extent that I should?

Many illnesses can be prevented or cured by following simple “best practices” in your own personal health care plan. Which leads me to ask…do you have a health care plan? Not the kind just passed by Congress, but one you developed with the intent of enhancing your own health and vitality.

Here are some simple questions to consider:

  • Are you getting enough rest?

  • Are you practicing good nutritional habits when you eat?
  • Are you eating too much? Not enough?
  • Are you exercising as often as you should?
  • Does your exercise routine include both resistance training and aerobic training?
  • Have you had a physical recently?

In life, there are things we can control and things we cannot. I believe it is safe to say that I have control over the five areas listed above, as they pertain to my overall health. The question is: Am I doing anything about it?

Let’s look at one example: Have you had a physical recently?

I remember asking one of my coaching clients that question. Her response was, “No.” When I asked her why not, she responded that she had not been to the doctor in a few years, and was concerned that something bad may be detected as a result of the physical.

This made me want to dig even deeper. I pointed out that if there were something to be found, it’s already there anyway. It wouldn’t have been caused by the physical. If something were indeed wrong, the physical would offer the best opportunity to “catch it early” so something could be done to promote healing.

She agreed, and scheduled the appointment. Afterward she thanked me for prompting her to go. Everything checked out normal.

So when was the last time you had a physical? Do you need to schedule a physical for yourself? Is there someone in your family who needs to schedule a physical?

While you’re at it, consider the other questions I’ve listed above. You can’t live at your peak if you’re not physically healthy. Poor health can hinder your ability to positively impact others, both at home and at work.

I can’t think of any more compelling reason to care about Health Care!

Do you need to create your own comprehensive personal Health Care Plan today?