Guide RoleThis past Sunday, Margaret was attempting to finish her first ever half marathon. She had tried before but it just didn’t work out. This time though it would be different. It would be different for several reasons but one of them was that this time she had a guide.

Dee, the guide, trained with Margaret leading up to the race. Dee had completed multiple half marathons and she knew what it took to finish. That’s because she had already been where Margaret was trying to go.

The role of a guide is an important one for anyone who wants to have uncommon influence in others. Sometimes we just need someone to literally show us the way. The people around us want to go somewhere and often it’s to a place they’ve never been. Have you ever tried to navigate in a place unfamiliar to you? Even with all of today’s tools and technology it can be frustrating. Contrast that with having a local show you around. You get to see cool places much quicker with a local guide.

During the race Dee ran with Margaret, she didn’t just wait for her at the finish, she ran with her. She was her guide. There were some tough spots in the race on an extremely warm day but Margaret’s guide encouraged her through to the finish and the happy celebration.

Margaret was certainly happy but I saw a look of satisfaction on Dee’s face. It was very rewarding to be the guide. The satisfaction of helping someone get to a new place is deep and it’s so worth the time and energy required.

Who are you guiding to a new place? You might just find yourself at a new place as well.


This is the first post in the Roles of Influencers Series highlighting those rare and uncommon leadership traits that encourage positive, life-changing impact in others.