Rocket fuel… it’s the only term I can think of to describe the Building Champions Experience.

September 18-21 are 4 days which could launch you into orbit in your life and business.

Something special happens every year at BCE. There are so many stories from attendees that describe life change, business growth, and balance. As a coach and presenter, I have had the opportunity to hear these stories in private conversations as well as from the stage and even in emails sent months after the event.

I have noticed that there is only one common denominator shared by these people: they were there.

They made a conscious decision to invest their time and join in a community of people who are looking to grow and improve. They travelled from near or far to take part in the environment we carefully designed to be conducive to deep personal change.

Here’s what you can expect…

– You will arrive in the midst of your current situation.

– You will reflect on your current situation.

– You will determine the necessary steps you must take to reach your professional and personal goals in light of- and maybe in spite of – your current situation.

– You will make commitments to yourself that can stand the test of time.

– You will return to your current situation… but you don’t return the same as you left. You will return on a mission, and you will see things begin to change.

No, there are no silver bullets, no quick fixes, and no easy path to living the life you want. But there is a path, and there are people who are willing to share their experiences and what they have learned that can help you along the way.

Each year I attend BCE for two reasons:

1) To serve. I present material and make myself available for individual coaching.

2) To receive. All of us coaches bring our journals and take copious notes. We learn from each other as well as the dynamic speakers we bring in each year.

I am already planning my part of the presentation for this September. And I am already anticipating the personal change I will experience by being there.

Will you join me?

If you register by this Friday, February 24th, you can take advantage of special Early Bird Pricing. But even if you need to take more time to consider this investment, I hope you will consider it.

The Building Champions Experience could be the very fuel you need this year to speed you in the direction you’ve always wanted to go.