Ok, I know it ain’t pretty… but we’ve all seen it. Some of us have even caused it. So let’s just get over our disgust (and possible remorse) and consider what it really is.

Road Kill occurs when some poor critter tries to cross the road at the wrong time.

We all know the joke about why the chicken crossed the road…but what was so compelling about getting to the other side? We can only assume that the crossing – or attempted crossing – was motivated by the pursuit of some objective.

What causes you to “cross the road?” Are you chasing after the completion of some important project, or starting a new discipline?

Whatever your reason, there are inherent dangers on the road.

As with any pursuit, it is likely to end in one of two ways:

1) Fruition
2) Frustration

Obviously, fruition is a positive outcome… you get what you want.

Frustration, on the other hand, can be more like Road Kill.

Think about how many projects you have started and stopped because something caused you to become frustrated. Imagine those projects as Road Kill, decaying along the highway of your life. (Now you should really be disgusted.)

How many goals have you given up on? How many of your dreams have been shelved?

Quitting breeds frustration. It is a downward spiral. It’s time to get so frustrated with frustration that you quit quitting.

Here are four ideas that may help:

1) Think it through before you start it up. Don’t be ruled by your emotions. If you have an idea, write it down. Consider the cost. Seek wise counsel. Develop your plan. Then, take the next step to start it up. If you rush into an idea thoughtlessly, you’ll soon be frustrated.

2) Know what you are measuring. Before you set foot on the road, you need a plan for measuring your progress. Be very clear on what is to be measured, when it will be measured, and how it will be measured. This is the essence of defining your success.

3) Set a target date. Without a target date, there is no sense of urgency. It’s only natural to procrastinate, and the actions with no deadline are easily pushed to the side. By committing to a target date, you start the clock ticking.

4) Take action and make it happen. Now, you’re ready to cross that road, so look both ways and start walking!

What Road Kill have you left along the highway of your life? Which of these four components have you been missing?