iStock_000001859715SmallEven if you are committed to exercise, it’s likely that from time to time you’ll struggle with staying motivated. That happens with me. I get bored with running and just plain tired of working out. Focusing on these three areas have helped me to regain my focus and get back on track:

  • Places

Whether you run, walk, or bike, the same route day after day can be really dull. Look for new places to enjoy. A change of scenery is a great way to refresh your enthusiasm and add a little adventure in your life. It might even enhance your work out as you incorporate different types of terrain that will add some new challenges.
If you like to work out at a gym, try a new class or new equipment that you’d normally overlook. You’ll work different types of muscles and keep your body “on it’s toes.”

  • Peers

I regularly run with groups and take fitness classes with people I have become friends with. They help me WANT to work out. We push and encourage each other; it’s a sharpening environment. I love it. A group dynamic keeps the excitement level up. It also helps with accountability. Peer pressure can be a good thing. If the others are going to show up, I know I should show up, too. Showing up keeps me from letting up.

  • Provisions

Who wants to hit the trail or the gym when they feel lethargic? When I eat heavy food that just sits there, it makes me want to just sit there. I’m much more motivated to work out when I know I’ve given my body the proper nutrition that gives me long-lasting energy. Not only will I feel better during the work out, I feel better about myself for giving my body clean, energy-producing fuel.

Developing a habit of exercise enhances life and relationships and gives us the energy we need to pursue excellence. Have a great workout today.