Male Owner Of Coffee Shop


My father-in-law stopped at a local burger joint to get a milkshake.

He asked the cashier for a mint chocolate chip milkshake. 

The cashier replied, “I do not have that for you today, sir.”

So, my father-in-law ordered another flavor, and sat down to drink it. 

As he was drinking it, he thought about the cashier.  There was just something likeable about him.  

At first, he could not put his finger on it. 

He wasn’t over the top charismatic in his tone.

He wasn’t dressed to the nines.

What was it?

Then it hit him.  He was just a regular employee, yet he had taken ownership for not having the particular flavor my father-in-law wanted.

The simple words, “I do not have that…,” suggested responsibility.

There was no blame or slam on upper management for not ordering enough.

He took full responsibility and in that made an uncommon influence on my father-in-law.

Do you think the work environment fostered this kind of ownership or do you think this employee was just unique?