People with great potential can frequently be overlooked.  As leaders we tend to recognize people that exhibit very obvious potential.  They’re the A students, the team captains, the Eagle Scouts and so on.  They’re pretty easy to spot and their potential is obvious to most everyone.

The uncommon leader though, sees something in everyone.  He or she sees what others miss or overlook.  Just because someone is quiet, acts differently or keeps to themselves does not mean they have little potential.  Many times it is quite the opposite.  They may even have greater potential than someone in the obvious group.

Maybe they just need someone to notice them.  Maybe they just need to hear that someone believes in them.

When is the last time you took someone who’s on the fringe, not in the spotlight, and said to him or her, “I believe in you.”?  

Sometimes hearing these words can ignite an inferno inside someone.  Who might need to hear that from you?  Tell them what you see in them.  Speak potential over them.  Start a fire.

Go be uncommon.