Can you imagine being completely fearless?

Now, if your definition of fearlessness involves picking up a rattlesnake or picking a fight with a gorilla, count me out. I’m not so sure that kind of fearlessness is very smart.

I’m talking about being fearless in a different way: a life in which you are not bound by unproductive fear.

There is a difference between productive and un-productive fear. Productive fear is a reasonable response to your circumstances which produces appropriate action. This is the kind of fear that promotes the use of safety equipment.

Productive fear prompts annual physicals, weekly team check-ins, and baby proofing. You could say that productive fear is really just living smart.

Unproductive fear binds you up. It is usually not grounded in logic or backed by facts. It is only suggested by remote possibilities.

Unproductive fear often stems from a fear of failure…or a fear of success.

Fear of failure is powerful. It keeps a lot of people from even showing up in the game of life. However, the fear of success may be even more dangerous. While it allows people to show up for the game, it keeps them from playing at their best. They pause when they should pursue, hold back when they should give it their all. Fear of success promotes mediocrity.

Don’t allow unproductive fear to hold you back.

One of the best resources I have seen for overcoming unproductive fear is John Maxwell’s book Failing Forward. In this book, he shares advice and inspirational stories of people who have overcome fear to experience great levels of success in their life.

What unproductive fear have you struggled with in the past 90 days? How did you deal with it?