Being passive can kill.

It can kill a relationship, a career, momentum and even a dream.

There is a war going on inside most of us between action and inaction, between being proactive and being passive. Taking action moves us forward. Passivity promotes failure.

The desire to take action is driven by a dream or deep rooted desire for accomplishment in some area. But what causes us to be passive when we should be active? What causes Passive Failure?

I believe there are two causes and overcoming those causes can make a huge difference in your life.

Cause #1: The belief that you already have enough.
Some people are passive because they believe they already have enough. They may feel it is time to sit back and take it easy, time to chill out and do nothing. Time to live off what they already have accomplished.

The danger here is that the moment you quit producing, you start dying. Current levels of skill begin to diminish and what you have stored begins to be consumed. Eventually, it’s all gone.

Don’t let this happen to you. Recognize the danger in quitting.

Realize that staying in motion is much easier than stopping and restarting. Don’t stop!

Cause #2: The belief that I don’t have the power to bring about change.
You are much more powerful than you may believe. Don’t sell yourself short. Think bigger than you’ve ever thought before, reach higher than you’ve ever reached before. Be clear on what you really want and why you want it. Then, GO FOR IT!

Giving up and giving in guarantees defeat while even small changes can bring about HUGE results.

Don’t worry about instant results – just plant more seed. You may be one seed away from unbelievable success.

You can bring about great change in your life, but you may need to change your thinking first. Start with changing your language. Quit talking about defeat and instead talk about your vision.

Doing nothing guarantees nothing in terms of results. Doing something promotes expectation.

Never let the fear of failure stop you from doing something exceptional. (If failure is a concern, read Failing Forward.)

Whatever you do, DON’T SIT DOWN!

Get up, step it up and STAND OUT!