The other day, my mom called and told me something that made me stop in my tracks. Moments before, she and my dad had just missed having a terrible car accident. The cause was a lawn chair in their lane.

Apparently someone had lost the chair off the back of their vehicle. Not knowing exactly what it was at first, my mom took evasive action and swerved to miss it. The situation was especially precarious as they were on a bridge, and their vehicle was a small SUV which is prone to be top-heavy.

She missed the chair…but not the scare.

Once she had maneuvered around the chair, the vehicle started to sway from side to side, out of her control. I guess you could say it was a moment right out of the song “Jesus Take the Wheel.”

There was no time to take care of the final items on a to-do list, to heal a broken relationship, or even to say a quick prayer. Their lives were in jeopardy. The end could be one split second away.

After a few seconds of panic, she was able to regain control of the vehicle and continue the drive home. I was tense as she told me the story, but I quickly realized that the mere fact that she was able to call me meant that they were ok. The danger had passed… and thank God, they were safe.

The more I thought about what happened, the more I realized that there is an important lesson to be learned from this story.

We are all driving through our lives, and we often take for granted that the road will be clear. But every now and then, usually when we least expect it, obstacles can appear in our way. We panic, we weave, and we may lose control. Life and death, success and failure, can hang in a split second decision.

Your ability to do “one more thing” could be taken away in an instant.

Are you prepared for that?

Are you investing the time you are given today in the things that matter most in life? Or are you taking life for granted….one split second at a time?