I’ve met a lot of nice people in my life. Some have become lifelong friends while others have been quick encounters.

One of the nicest guys I’ve ever met is a guy who attended my home church for years. He was an older gentleman affectionately known as “Brother Bane.” This Thanksgiving, he cooked dinner for his family. On Friday he had a stroke, and on Saturday he was gone. We are only left with his memory.

If you had known him, you would remember that…

…He loved the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. He always knew what was going on with the team, even during the off-season.

…He loved people more than he loved the Cardinals. It never really mattered whether the topic of conversation was the Cardinals, the stock market, or the weather – he connected with everybody. He cared about who he was speaking with, and everyone he encountered walked away with a special feeling that he really cared about them.

Thinking about Brother Bane brings up two questions for me.

1) What will people remember about me after I’m gone?
2) How do people feel about encounters with me today?

I believe the answer to the first question is ALWAYS found in the response to the second.