A mother-to-be nurtures the baby inside of her by taking care of her own mental, emotional and physical health.

Do you realize that you have something very special within you as well? You are “expecting twins”: Purpose and Promise. And if you are going to nurture them, you must invest the time and effort to take care of yourself.

You have within you the potential to live life at a much higher level than you are now. That isn’t to say that you don’t have a great life already, but wherever you are today, it can be even better.

We all have gaps between where we are and where we want to be, and we all have potential to do something about those gaps. The action you take is up to you, and your own effectiveness has a lot to do with your health.

Recently, a client shared with me how much better he feels and how much easier it is for him to close the gaps in his life and business – all because he decided to take better care of himself.

When we first started working together, he weighed 303 pounds. He is now well on his way to reaching his goal of 225. He is gaining muscle and losing body fat. To date, he has lost over 80 pounds of body fat and his energy level has soared!

Just today, he told me that he began the morning with one hour on the elliptical. If I had told him six months ago that he would be doing that, he would have laughed and said: “I wish.” He didn’t start out with an hour on the elliptical, but he built up to it.

The missing link between wishing and being is doing. And it’s hard to do much when you aren’t healthy.

What change do you need to make today so that you will be better equipped to close the other gaps in your life and business? Do you need to work on your physical health? Your emotional health? Your relational health?

Start with one thing that will improve your health, and do it today!