Nothing happens because you are "open."

If you say, “I'm 'open' to losing weight.” – Then put down the chocolate bar.

Or “I'm 'open' to being a doctor.” – Then get in school.

Thomas Edison didn’t say, “I’m 'open' to inventing a light bulb.”  He researched, tried different ideas, and practiced trouble-shooting hundreds of times. He then continually looked for ways to make it better and more efficient.

To simply be “open” to a certain career path or life change, is not enough.  Being “open,” is another way of saying, “I don’t really want to put much effort in, but if something good comes from it than I’ll take it."

Zealously go after the things you desire, don’t just be “open” to them.

Be prepared and be intentional with the details of your life… you only get one.