Nothing magic happened when the clock struck midnight on Friday night. Cinderella’s chariot didn’t turn into a pumpkin. It was 2011, just another year, another day, another moment in time. Nothing changed but the numbers on the clock and the date on the calendar.

You’re the same person on January 1st that you are every other day of the year. That’s why many New Year’s resolutions fail. Actually, resolutions don’t fail – people fail to stick to them. The moment in time when 2010 became 2011 was no different than the seconds which have passed since you started reading this post.

If you really want to be successful in fulfilling any resolution, you need to change your mind. That’s where breakthroughs begin.

You can commit to a new resolution at 10:15am on a Tuesday in mid-March just as well as you can at the beginning of the year. The success or failure of any resolution is, for the most part, up to you.

When your mind is made up, and you follow through, you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

When you’re ready, here are five things to do:

1) Know your vision and read it often
2) Know your philosophy
3) Do the disciplines consistently and with excellence
4) Monitor your results
5) Adjust when change is necessary to help you reach your goals

Tony Dungy once said, “Champions are champions not because they do extraordinary things but because they do the ordinary things better than everyone else.”

Don’t look for a special moment to start. Make this moment special and start now.